From Blue to Beautiful :: my personal campaign

As a child psychologist (and mother of two little ones), I am greatly committed to psychological well-being in both my professional and personal lives. Essentially, eNVe Designs was a positive personal journey for me. And because this entire project helped me through a dark period, I wanted to come full circle and give back in a meaningful way. So I began a personal campaign, From Blue to Beautiful. Every year, 10% of all profits from eNVe Designs will be donated to a selected charity that focuses on the advancement of psychological and/or physical well-being, particularly in children. (Click on the label "from blue to beautiful" on the left to find the latest happenings in this campaign.)

So when you wear eNVe Designs jewelry, be reminded of how you have overcome your own struggles and that you will also help make someone else's journey a more positive one.

If you have suggestions for a charity, please send an email to bluetobeautiful@envedesigns.com, and briefly describe why you have nominated that charity.

Charities that eNVe Designs has supported so far:
The Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation
The American Liver Foundation
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (our current charity)