Sneak Peek :: Remember these sparklies?

I've been busy using them all up, but have not had much time to take photos and list.  But here are a couple finished pieces.  The first is available here in my shop.  The second piece, I'm still debating whether to list it or to keep it for my personal collection.  We'll see.  :)

 I'm so in love with lepidochrosite! All the glittery inclusions are so mesmerizing!

What do you think?  Should I keep it or list it???


How to get more styles from your double stranded necklaces

If you are a jewelry lover (translation: addict) like myself, chances are that you have a double stranded necklace somewhere in your arsenal.  And maybe you've already discovered for yourself how surprisingly versatile these pieces are!  Here are some different ways that I like to style mine.

Of course there's the classic way--how it was meant to be worn.

Or you can change it up slightly by wearing the clasp toward the front, 
or twisting the strands before putting it on.

And again, if you're an addict like me, you probably have amassed a nice collection of brooches, pendants, etc. which you can easily add to your necklaces.  Here, I have a vintage rhinestone brooch and a vintage gold clip on earring.

I just attached them to the toggle clasp, one on each end.

Now you can start playing with the different looks!

For a different layered look, open the necklace up to one big loop, pull it over your head, 
then twist and pull over your head again.

Or you can wear it as a long necklace.
The contrasting colors in this piece allows for a couple different options.

The necklace by itself, without brooches added on.

Or add a large brooch as a focal pendant to create a unique statement piece!

If you like this featured piece, Sun at Sea, it's now available in my etsy shop.

How do you like to wear your double or multi-strand necklaces?

Here are some fun double strand necklaces found on Etsy that could work well with these ideas.

by BeadsNBling
by edithandlulu
by DeniseJewelryDesigns
by minouc
by BrioBaubles

Now go get more mileage out of your jewelry! ;)  And if you happen to take any pictures of your ideas, I'd love to see them on the eNVe Designs facebook page!



Finding Extra (in the) Ordinary :: Fun with Bubbles!

One of my favorite things to do when the weather warms up in the springtime is play with bubbles.  They're just so much fun and the kids love it too.  :)  I always try to take pictures, but bubbles are so hard to photograph!  This time around, I think I got a few good ones.  I love how colorful they are against the sunset!  Completely serendipitous.  And have I mentioned how much I love my camera's auto setting?  I'll say it again!  I love this camera and its auto mode!  All I did was point and click.  No skills required on my part.

The kids had such a great time chasing the little elusive orbs around the deck.  Jax was trying to pop them with his head and his mouth.. so entertaining, that little dude!  And of course Kaili followed suit and did what big brother was doing.  Gotta love this age.  They're just so much fun to watch.  :)

Love this shot because it looks like Jax is juggling the bubbles!

And here's Kaili balancing a bubble on her little finger!

And this last one is a picture I took a couple years ago when we were still living in Boston.  I just love it for so many reasons.  :)

What's your favorite springtime activity?
Hope you're all enjoying spring!