2010 :: views from my back porch

One thing I have always loved about being in Kansas is the chance to witness some gorgeous skies.  And with our house being on top of a small hill, I feel like I could just touch it sometimes.  I especially love watching the seasons change and seeing a different sky every single day.  All from the comforts of our humble deck--an ordinary place to be, yet full of extraordinary sights.

Through all the undulations between happiness and tears, I hope your year was filled with magic and moments that left your heart in awe.  Here's to the wonderful memories with our loved ones, the experiences that have helped us grow, and a new year brimming with hope and surprises. 

Wishing you the warmest and brightest of Holidays!  See you in the brand new year! 


Mystery Revealed

Remember when I asked if you could guess what this was?...

Well, I had no idea it was so far beyond recognition, but a few people did guess correctly that it was something that came out of my oven.  No one really knew what, and most of you were probably afraid to find out.

So drumroll please......

This is what it was supposed to look like.  

Yummy mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top!  It only took me 2 tries.  So lesson learned.  DO NOT set your oven to "Broil" hoping you can brown the top for "just a minute".  That is, unless you want to recreate the surface of the moon after it's engulfed by hot molten lava.  Good thing I didn't ruin Thanksgiving dinner with this mishap.  My husband got everything else right.. the turkey, the stuffing, the gravy, the cranberry sauce, the pumpkin rolls.  All made from scratch.  And all I was responsible for was putting the marshmallows on top and baking this dish.. and what do I do?  burn it to high heaven.  I was also in charge of the green bean casserole (something I've made many times before) and guess what?  I burned that too because I had it in there with the sweet potatoes!  Not my proudest moment, but thought I'd share so you don't goof up like I did.  Anyone else have any cooking disasters to share so I don't feel so alone?  ;)

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!


Can you guess what this is?

Here's a quick and fun little contest for you.  Guess what this is a photo of!  
The prize:  knowing that you are a genius.

Some hints:
This is not a macro shot.
This is not what it should look like.
I am responsible for this.
I am not proud of it.

I'll post the answer tomorrow.  :)