Warm Hearts Whereabouts :: on the coast of...

Can you guess where the Warm Hearts Necklace has been?

visiting one of my dream destinations!

 On the coast of Greece with Mari!

and watching a sunset over Athens.

Sending a warm shout out to Mari, a dear friend and former colleague (as interns at BU's Center for Multicultural Training in Psychology).  Thank you for taking part in my little project!  And thank you for sharing your amazing view of Athens!  Looking forward to our internship reunion in Greece!  Someone's planning that, right??  :)

Next stop: Serbia!

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Art Fest #2 :: guess what happened...

It rained!!!

So that makes it 2 for 2.  I hope this isn't going to be a consistent trend for me.  At least this art fest was a 3-day show and it didn't rain the entire time--just half the day Saturday.  And Sunday was gorgeous. Here are a couple of booth shots.  This time, my booth looked much more cohesive and put together than the first time.  And you better believe I had lighting!  No browsing in the dark this time.  :)

Unlike my first show, I had plenty of product pics this time, for which I received great feedback.  People thought it was really helpful to be able to see the different ways pieces could be worn.  And rather than being in separate boxes, lying flat on the table, my signature pieces were front and center, hanging from pretty frames, which made a HUGE difference.

At the start of day 2.  You'd think it would be nice and sunny all day, but nope.

I got such great feedback about my jewelry, especially my Wrap and Thread necklaces and these chain and wire wrapped pendant necklaces!  It really made my weekend to hear what people had to say about my work.  I heard the words "unique" and "unusual" frequently.  I've never really thought of my work as "unusual" but I guess it's because I look at it every day.

All in all, it was a successful weekend despite the rain and sparse turn-out.  Thank you to those who stopped by my booth!  The face to face contact with customers is really nice and that's something that is missing when you sell online.  Maybe some day I'll have a real boutique!  Now it's time to restock several pieces and gear up for the next show, happening in less than 2 weeks!  Please keep your fingers crossed that it won't rain for the 3rd time.  If you're in the Lee's Summit area, stop by and say hi!


Warm Hearts Whereabouts :: beautiful in Belgium

It's been a short while, so where has the Warm Hearts Necklace been?

 In beautiful Belgium with Greet!

There she is!  ;)

And I just love how she paired the necklace with such gorgeous vibrant colors.  Though this is certainly no surprise, given her innovative and equally vibrant creations!  Here are but a few of my personal favorites from Greet's beautiful shop, fleurfatale

Thank you Greet for being a hostess to my traveling necklace project for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Next stop: Athens!

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