eNVe 6x6 :: Sandy of Sandy a la Mode

Next up on my eNVe 6x6 Style Series is Sandy. I met Sandy several years ago when she contacted me and invited me to my first ever blog meet up, before there was a KC Blogger Meetup (now The Blog Guild). Not sure how she found my blog, but I'm so grateful she did! So much has happened since that time (like she had 2 babies! and moved half way across the country), but one consistent factor was that she was always super stylish and effortlessly so. You'll see for yourself.  ;)  She chose to style a one-of-a-kind eNVe matte gold statement necklace with faceted quartz nuggets.

>>> Tell us a little about you and your blog.

Hello! My name is Sandy and I am the blogger behind Sandy a la Mode! My blog is primarily a women and kid's fashion blog with features on DIYs, home decor, recipes, and lifestyle too.

>>> How would you describe your style in one sentence?

>>> Being a busy mom of 2 little ones, working full time, and blogging full time, how do you manage to balance it all and keep fashion at the forefront of daily life?
Yes, I am very busy, but we all need to get dressed every day right? I just pay a little more attention to fashion trends and outfit pairings, maybe more than the normal person, but it's something I enjoy!

>>> What is your favorite item of all time from your wardrobe and why?
Wow that is a tough one. But I would say my favorite items are tulle skirts because they are just so beautiful and fun. But my most worn items are probably every day dresses or distressed skinny jeans!

>>> What trends are you looking forward to this fall/winter season?
I think a big trend will be black and white!  It's nothing too crazy, but it's definitely a classic. I know that I said my style is colorful, but I actually love doing outfits that are all neutrals with a pop of color!

 >>> Do you have any predictions for Spring Summer 2016 trends? Anything you hope will make a big comeback?

I think muted gray or blush pink colors will be big next Spring/Summer... at least I hope they are since I think both are beautiful colors that can act as neutrals too!


Thanks so much for sharing your style with us, Sandy!  

Now that seasons are changing, what are your fall/winter wardrobe staples for this year?  For me, it is breaking out the booties and boots....forever and ever, it's the staple I look forward to wearing every fall.  

Stay toasty, everyone!