Photo A Day Challenge - Days 13 through 16

Day 13 :: something I found
Two 4-leaf clovers I found while on a walk through the forest with my husband.

Day 14 :: how I feel today ...HUGE
At 39 weeks preggo, one may mistaken me for a snow-capped mountain top.

 Day 15 :: sunset
the calm after the storm

 Day 16 :: flower
these are the first peonies I've ever tried to grow!

Countdown to baby: 4 days!


Photo A Day Challenge - Day 11 :: where you ate breakfast

I swear that I did not eat cheerios out of a giant mixing bowl...
But baby's gotta eat!  

9 days (or less) until baby's arrival!


Photo A Day Challenge - Day 10 :: cold

ice water - my drink of choice here in preggo land

Only 10 more days until we meet this little lady!
(last week's sonogram - at 38 weeks)

If you don't see me for a little while, you'll certainly know why.  :)


Photo A Day Challenge - Day 9 :: younger you

This is one of only 2 pictures that I have of myself as a baby.  And now my kids have about a million photos of themselves as babies.  Gotta love the luxury of digital photography!  What's your preference, digital or film?

Photo A Day Challenge - Day 8 :: inside your wallet


Photo A Day Challenge - Day 7 :: shadow

I'm really having a great time with this photo challenge, searching for unexpected objects to photograph--things I would bypass every day without even a second glance.  

Here's to unexpected beauty and rediscovering your everyday surroundings!


Photo A Day Challenge - Day 6 :: lunch

Had a picnic lunch on the lawn to soak up some sun with my mom and the kiddos.

Have a Happy Easter weekend, everyone!  :)


Photo A Day Challenge - Day 3 :: Mail

Yesterday, we received the best kind of mail... a brown paper-wrapped package filled with mystery goodies, this one arriving from my hubby's Babcia in New Jersey.  I'm guessing it's something for the new baby.  :)

Is there anything good in your mail today?


Photo A Day Challenge - Day 2 :: Color

The sun does some fun things to our walls in the early morning.  What does this look like to you?  


Photo A Day Challenge - DAY 1 :: Your Reflection

Just for kicks, I've decided to join my first photo a day challenge ever!  Thanks to June Shin, I found Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge for April.  Today's day 1 and the theme is "your reflection".  So here's mine. :)

Here's a look at all the themes for April.  For more details, visit Fat Mum Slim

Let me know if you're joining in on the fun.  :)  Happy April everyone!