VERSATILE FIND :: the asterisk and the *asterisque*

It's true, the asterisk is one of my most favorite keys *ever* on the keyboard.. and one that I use frequently.  It is definitely very versatile for my own uses.  But this post is not about the asterisk, but the new Asterisque cowl by Phydeaux!

It's a chilly morning here on the plains so I thought I'd bring you a warm edition of Versatile Finds.  Isn't this cowl superb?   Even the twist on the spelling of asterisk is divine... it makes me want to say it with a lovely French accent.  Come on, say it with me... *Asterisque*... nice, right?  ;)   And this gorgeous color...none other than *Rustique* (yep, I'm still saying it en Francais).

And here it is in a gorgeous Linen color.  Love love love.  It's chunky, with a unique knit texture, it's warm.. and I will bet the farm that you can wear it with everything!


See how versatile it is?  I like that it's a shorter scarf, and the buttons allow you to wrap and fasten it any way you'd like.  What do you think?

Hope you're all staying warm this winter.


My nomination needs your vote!

Many thanks to the lovely people who nominated me in the Favorite Handmade Jewelry category!  Because of you, I'm now in the voter!  Now all I need are your votes to keep me in the running.  I'm seriously behind in the numbers due to my late start, but there's still a little time to catch up! 

So if you like my work, please vote for me HERE.  Just scroll down the list, select "eNVe Designs", and click the VOTE button.  That's it!

Thank you so much for your support!  I'm also in the running along with many, many other talented jewelry designers, so if you see your favorite on that list, please don't hesitate to vote for him/her.  I know they would appreciate it. :)

We have a winner!

Thank you for all your wonderful comments following the Moon Over Maize interview!  Without further ado, the new lucky owner of this gorgeous Queen Ann's Necklace is.... Abby!  CONGRATULATIONS!  :D  Abby's favorite piece from Monica's shop is the Turquoise Vibrancy necklace.  Thanks for playing everyone!  And a huge thank you to Monica for such a fabulous giveaway!

Tune in for the next featured artist interview.. pssst..it's also an awesome giveaway! 


Featured Artist and GIVEAWAY :: Moonovermaize

 It has been a long while since my previous artist feature and now we're back with a bang!  Today's featured artist is Monica of moonovermaize, and she's here with a superb giveaway (details below the interview)!!!  Plus, she is offering 15% off your purchase if you mention this interview!

 Monica, along with her lovely family

I was first acquainted with Monica after she had signed up for my Warm Hearts Around the World project.  I've been a fan of her gorgeous work ever since.  Each one of her jewelry pieces are unique masterpieces and truly shine on their own.  Not only is she an amazing jewelry designer, she has a shining personality to match.  I've had a lot of fun getting to know Monica through the wonderful world of twitter. :)   And now, you can get to know a little more about this lovely lady.

.......................... the interview .........................

A random fun fact about yourself:
I was once a ball girl for Jimmy Connors.

The first 3 random words that pop into your mind:
popcorn, kids, jewelry

What's your favorite read of all time?
I have many, but A Wrinkle in Time is a great one!

Any guilty pleasures?


If you could be any place in the world right now, where would it be?
I would love to be in Florence, Italy with my family.

(Ok, now onto business)
How would you describe your work?
I think simple, natural and organic describe it well.  I like to take natural stones that have been cut and polished and use them in a simple design to showcase their beauty.

How long have you been at it?
I have been making jewelry for many years, but started taking it seriously two years ago.

So for you, is it an innate talent or practice makes perfect?
Well, I guess there is an innate part for choosing stones and knowing how I want to use them, but the techniques are, without a doubt, a case of practice makes perfect.

From where/how do you find inspiration?
Every facet of life serves as an inspiration.  My children inspired me to work on the 'Mothering' line of jewelry I have where as nature is a huge inspiration for my other pieces.

What was your most memorable creative experience?
Amazingly, it happened today.  I was home alone (doesn't happen very often with two young kids) today and I had this wild burst of creativity and was able to make 5 new pieces and I still have more ideas that I need to put to work.  It's been an awesome day!

What do you do when your inspiration and creativity is tapped?
I focus on restocking and organizing my work place.  When I have a clean work area inspiration comes much easier.

Any memorable low points that you've learned from?
Not really. I have just recently broken a stone I was setting which is never nice, but that's about it.

What is your formula for success?
Be true in your work, make pieces that resonate with you and others will see the beauty in it.

Was there a moment when you realized that you'd achieved success?
When people began to purchase the pieces the I so lovingly created I felt I had succeeded.  Each and every sale is so special and always makes me smile.

Any advice for those having a bad case of artist woes?
Always keep your head up..things will turn around. I am definitely an optimist :)

When not hard at work on your designs, what would we most likely find you doing?
Playing with my two lovely children.

In a parallel universe where you are not an amazing artist, what would you be?
I'm very much into natural childbirth so maybe a doula.

Anything else you'd like to add that I didn't ask about?
I think you're an amazing person, mom and jewelry artist and I'm honored to be featured here! (aw, Monica, the honor is mine!)

What are some of your favorite etsy shops?

What's at the top of your etsy wish list?
Again, so many I don't know where to start!
This top looks so sweet, sexy, simple and stylish (plus it looks like a good maternity shirt when I'm next expecting)

Any suggestions for my next featured artist? 

Have fun!

And, as a fun tribute to my inner psychologist, what might this be?  
My first thought was the Japanese flag.  I know it's a different color, but it is such a simple and distinct design.

.......................... end interview .........................

And now for the GIVEAWAY!!! (winner selected on Monday, January 25th)

The very generous Monica is giving away this gorgeous piece (the Queen Ann's Necklace featuring AAA quality stones, valued at $52) to one lucky winner!

Here's how to enter:

visit Monica's shop, Moonovermaize, and tell us what your favorite piece is (don't forget to check out the sold section).

* you must include your contact info (email, blog, or etsy shop)

Bonus entries:
Leave a separate comment and contact info for each entry.

1) follow Monica on twitter: @moonovermaize
2) follow me on twitter: @eNVeDesigns
3) tweet about the giveaway as many times as you'd like (include @eNVeDesigns and a link to this post for validation), one tweet = one entry so leave separate comments here for each if you want it counted
4) fan Moon Over Maize on Facebook
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6) follow my blog (anonymous followers not a valid entry)
7) subscribe to my mailing list (email to subscribe [at] envedesigns [dot] com)

Your odds are in your hands!  You have one week to enter.  The lucky winner will be selected at random next Monday, January 25th.  Good luck! :)



Warm Hearts Whereabouts :: in the windy city

Where's the traveling necklace now?

In Chicago, IL with Sydney!

I'm having so much fun seeing the creative things that people do with the necklace!...like wearing it as a headband!  Thanks for this unique idea, Syd!  And do I spy some Lillyella earrings? ;)

Thank you so much for taking part, Syd!  You are fabulous (and your bebe is adorable *pinch pinch*)!  ;)

You can still sign up to participate in Warm Hearts Around the World!
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Off to a late start, so I need your help!

Just a minute ago, I discovered that I was nominated on the poppytalk blog in the "Favorite Handmade Jewelry" category! [thank you, Emiko and Nat!]  The Poppies is a virtual award honoring handmade artists and it will take many nominations to earn a spot in the voter.  I'm off to a super late start (I had nominated some fellow artists whose work I admire, but didn't really anticipate on being nominated myself), and the nominations are only accepted up until tomorrow!!!  I know it's a long shot for me to catch up, but if you have a minute, your nomination would mean the world to me!

So if you like my work, please nominate me HERE.  Just copy and paste the following in the comments section:  
I'd like to nominate Ngan of http://envejewelry.etsy.com.
(they don't accept anonymous nominations so please leave a name)

You're also welcome to nominate other artists as well.  I know it would mean a lot to them!  Thank you so much for your support!


Warm Hearts Whereabouts :: getting contagious!

Where's the necklace now?

In Bethlehem, PA with Lynn!

Who knew having an outbreak could look so fabulous!

Lynn, thank you for your fun [and super stylish] interpretation of spreading the love and care through Etsy Project Embrace and through this Warm Hearts project!  I hope the contagion continues for quite some time. :)

Lynn is also a member of EPE and has an incredible etsy shop, UnaOdd.  Below is just a small sampling of her wonderful work.  You can also follow her work through her blog, flickr, and twitter.

 Thanks again, Lynn!

You can still sign up to participate in Warm Hearts Around the World!
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