Hello & welcome to my blog!

I'm Ngan and this is essentially my creative space. Years ago, it began as a blog for updates on my jewelry designs and what I'm currently working on, but has slowly evolved into much more than that. I love to highlight things that inspire me, the incredible work of other artists, as well as capturing pure and simple everyday moments in my own life. Being a full-time wife and mom to 3 munchkins, it's those precious and quickly fleeting day to day moments that I cherish the most. I love to take photos (hundreds to thousands on a monthly basis...if you follow me on instagram, you probably already know this), so I'll be sharing a few of those here as well. Maybe it's my futile attempt to slow time down just a little bit.

I've always had an overflow of creative energy, and to feel balanced, I have to direct it somewhere. Throughout my life, that has meant exploring and finding my voice through music, dance, art, writing, and even sports and martial arts. In recent years, I've discovered so much joy in cooking, gardening, photography, and pretty much all things kid-related and crafty. I really love trying new things, and there is so much more I want to dabble in (sewing, refinishing furniture, woodworking, to name a few). Oh and there's this thing about making jewelry. Aaaand, with my husband and I having purchased our first house less than a year ago, I am having so much fun decorating it and creating just the right home for the five of us! I also hope to share this new journey in home decorating, gardening, cooking, and mothering...things I haven't really touched on before on my blog. I see my life as a continuous work in progress, which is a wonderful journey in and of itself. I hope you'll follow along on my attempts at creating and refining my happy place!

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