Looking Up

Things have been looking up around here... at least I've been looking up.  How could I not, with skies like this??

I see a sky-diving bunny, what do you see?
 I don't know what weather patterns (besides insane heat) have contributed to such gorgeous clouds in the sky lately, but the skies have been incredible to look at every day!

The clouds have been massive, voluminous, fluffy, pure white entities you wish you could jump into.

...it's the stuff that daydreams are made of...

My kids call them Toy Story clouds (like the ones on the wall in Andy's room).  And speaking of kids, they are keeping me worn, I tell you!  If you are a work at home mom and juggling motherhood and keeping on target with running your own business, while maintaining sanity, please share your secrets.  I'd love to feel like I'm doing things right at least one day a week.  Xp (that is me looking pooped)

But I feel positive.  Being a mom is the toughest job, ever.  Ever ever.  But it's one I wouldn't trade for the world, and would probably do all over again if I could (don't ask me that on a bad day though).  And I can't help but think that..

...if parenting didn't feel like the toughest job in the world, then I must not be doing it right.

So I am celebrating today!  I'm celebrating the fact that my back is in knots, my hair is a mess, and I'm still in my pajamas on a Friday afternoon, still trying to enjoy my morning coffee (one sip at a time).  It is Friday, right?

And I'm celebrating my kids..and motherhood... stressful moments and all!  All the craziness just makes the calm moments that much sweeter. 

 I hope you'll find something to celebrate today too.  *cheers!*  :)  Here's to a lovely weekend!

PS.  These sky photos were taken with my phone camera and posted via Instagram. If you instagram, you can see more of my daily photos at "envedesigns"...please come and say hi! :)


She is the reason...

 ...why I've been missing the past few months.

Lexington was born April 20th (I know, I'm a smidge late on this post).  I can't believe she's nearly 3 months old now!  For those of you who follow me on facebook, twitter, or my new instagram addiction account (@eNVeDesigns), you've had many glimpses of this little lady already.  She, along with her big brother and big sister, are keeping me beyond busy.  My energy is zapped and with whatever free time I feel like I have, all I want to do is close my eyes for a micro nap.  But life has never been fuller and I hardly remember what it was like before Lexi came along.  It's like she's always been around.  Needless to say, I have to dust off this blog of mine... and update you on some things... like the fact that my Warm Hearts Necklace is gone!... I've been waiting for it to turn up in the mail somewhere, but it's been many months now and nothing.  Anyway, that will be another post.

So for now, I'll leave you with this smiling face.  In the meantime, follow me on instagram if you're there!  It's the quickest way for me to connect now.  I'll be posting jewelry works in progress (as soon as I get more than a minute to work on jewelry again), my "photo a day" pics, and random snapshots of my daily life.  And I'll be back here with more notable happenings.. like a giveaway.  I think it's time for one, don't you?  'Til then, my friends! 

P.S.  I'm having a huge summer sale in my Etsy shop right now.. 30% OFF everything!  See the coupon code in my shop announcement!