VERSATILE FIND :: chalk it up

Not a big fan of permanence? Change your mind often? Ever wanted people to know what you're thinking without saying a word? Then check out these versatile finds: items with chalkboard surfaces you can write and erase on infinitely, to meet your ever-changing needs!

Magnetic blackboard coasters set by duplex
These are super versatile because you can use them as fridge magnets or coasters, and you can also jot down your grocery lists, daily to-do lists, or write names on the coasters so people don't get their drinks mixed up at your parties!

Chalkboard Pots by moxiesisters
Use these to store pencils and other miscellaneous supplies and trinkets. Or use them to plant your favorite herbs and flowers.

Window sill plant holder with chalkboard stripe by trishafern
Definitely a functional item that can hold all kinds of things in addition to your herbs. They also look like they can stack well and would be great for organizing the stray items in your life. Stack them in your closet, on your bookshelves, on your desk, etc. With the ease of labeling the contents, you'll always know what's inside!

Chalk surfaced storage canister set by ddesigner0320
These cute little canisters are also a great organization tool for tiny trinkets (tacks, buttons, paperclips, beads, etc.) or maybe even dried herbs and spices!

Vinyl chalkboard wall decal by SpellitOutdesigns

Thought bubble vinyl chalkboard decal by asignofthetimes
These wall decals are stylish alternatives to your traditional rectangle bulletin/chalk boards. Adhere them to any wall in any room for a convenient place to jot down anything and everything. You can hang them low for children to draw and write on--the perfect alternative to crayons on fresh walls!

Blackboard brooch by Zowe
And if you ever feel like saying it without having to say it, this is the brooch for you. Fully customizable with your sentiment of the day. ;) These brooches are also a great alternative to name tags because they can be used and reused!

The chalk mug at i want one of those
The perfect, earth-friendly alternative to post-its. No waste.. plus, you can drink out of it (can't do that with post-its)! The ad said it best: Great for morning love notes to your sweetie, reminding your assistant how you take your morning coffee or for leaving that dreaded message to your boss... "I need a raise!"

Do you have a versatile find? Please share!

Mitsy from Artmind posted this fun tutorial on how to make your own sidewalk chalk! You can modify it to make smaller pieces (e.g., using small candy moulds, large bubble tea sipping straws). So now that you have all your blackboard surfaced goodies, you can make your own endless supply of chalk as well!
Thanks for sharing, Mitsy!


ArtMind said...

I love chalk! Great post & you know what? I recently made a tutorial on how to make your own chalk: http://artmind-etcetera.blogspot.com/2009/06/how-to-make-sidewalk-chalk.html
Check it out! :)

Spell It Out Designs said...

Thanks for the highlight on your blog!

. Phydeaux . Phydelle . said...

Brilliant! I love chalkboard goodies - haven't seen the decals before though!

Endless Sunner said...

I love all of these!

"Ms. VINTAGE" said...

GREAT post! i was just looking at some of those chalkdecals for my boys room yesterday!


ps---your baby is ADORABLE, almost makes me want another one....but i'd probably just get another boy!