Warm Hearts Whereabouts :: rockin' out to a blast from the past

Where's the traveling necklace now?

Rockin' out in Chicago, IL with Ashley!
Most definitely a creative idea to wear the necklace as a guitar strap, but I wouldn't really recommend it unless you want a pile of crumbled guitar on the floor (and a broken necklace).  ;)   Here's another way to rock it.. as a bracelet!  Super chic, my fabulous friend! 

Ashley is one of my dearest friends in real life.  We've known each other since the 6th grade!  That's like a century ago!  Our friendship started when we sat across from each other in science class.  I don't know why, but she asked if she could draw a picture of me.  I said "sure" and when I saw the completed masterpiece, I said "hey, that looks EXACTLY like Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years" (who I look nothing like).  And the rest is glorious history. :)  Just for kicks, here's a blast from the past.

At pom camp the summer before our Senior year.

 Sumo wrestling at the lock-in after our high school graduation.
Nice nipples, Ashley! hahah

And here we are a few months ago, all grown up! 
This was taken in IL during our big move from Boston to KC.

Ashley also just opened up an etsy shop (One In the Hand) a few months ago, so I hope you can swing by and give her a warm welcome!  Here is a sampling of some goodies you'll find there:


Thanks so much, Ashley!  I miss you and your squishable little bebes!  ;)

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Rebecca said...

Okay, so I just sent you an email about getting in on the necklace... better late than never, so they say!

terry said...

Best post ever! You guys are adorable together - then & now :) And I love both ways that Ashley is wearing the necklace. So fun!!

Welcome to etsy Ashley - I'm off to check out your shop!



Ashley said...

Hooray, I'm famous! I love the retrospective you gave us . . . if only there was a pic of us quoting Beavis and Butthead on the bus to some football game . . . or the hours we spent singing Porcupine Racetrack or saying I LOVE PANTS! ;)

Love you, girl. Thanks so much for the big shout out.

Ashley said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that coffee cup is a "World's Best Boss" mug from The Office. I had it turned around the wrong way!

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

What fun photos! So neat to see your friendship over the years. Definitely a great way to show "warm hearts"!

Sydney said...

How fun! I have 2 friends who I'm still extremely close to that I've known since we were 6. It's amazing how you just know some people are always there for you!

The guitar strap cracked me up.