Seven things and Seven people

The lovely Dennice of Fringe has given me this blog award.  Dennice creates gorgeous knitted goodies, such as this turquoise lariat (which she happens to be giving away right now! click on the image to enter).

Thank you for thinking of me, Dennice!  It's a complete honor!  So in accepting, I need to list 7 things about me, then pass it on to 7 others. 

I'm going to do it a little differently, so rather than 7 facts, I'll list 7 things I aspire to do/be on a daily basis.

Every day, I hope to...
1 - be loving
2 - make someone around me laugh
3 - live openly and honestly
4 - do something creative
5 - give myself a break (doesn't always happen)
6 - take a photo
7 - tweeze (so that my husband doesn't suddenly discover that he's married to a werewolf)

And now, the 7 lovelies I'm tagging, in no particular order:
1 - June of June Shin
2 - Jen of Pole Star
3 - Emily of MChen Wears
4 - Lynn of UnaOdd
5 - Mollie of Rough Magic Creations
6 - Noelle of Xenotees
7 - Anna of The Noble Gnome

If it were up to me, I'd list just about everyone because I love learning more about my friends around me.  So if you're on my list of blog reads (to the left), I'm also tagging you.  And if you frequent my blog, I'm tagging you too.  Without you all, I'd be talking to myself (which is only fun for the first minute or two).  If you choose to accept this award, please list your 7 and link to 7 others (no pressure of course.. you're still beautiful regardless).


Fringe said...

Oh joy! I love your 7 things! (Tweeze...what a hoot!)...

Seven reasons to love you even more. Thank you for joining in the fun, sweet friend.

Thank you so much for blogging about my Giveaway too...Yay!


CrowNology said...

Heh...Well today you made me laugh! And Dennice too I think...So you've accomplished #2 twice!
I think it is a great interpretation of the seven things...A wonderful list. I try some of these everyday too.
Thanks for visiting me. I found you through Dennice too! :)
Have a great day,

eNVe said...

yay!! :D Thank you, ladies. I'm glad I filled my laughter quota for the day. time to put on my sinister mustache and stir things up. ;)

roughmagiccreations said...

Sinister mustache or not -- you're sevenXfabulous Ngan! Thank you so much! Passing it on ... with xoxo!
:) Mollie

ana carina said...

AHAHAHAHAAH the tweeze part made me laugh so hard!
Oh sweetie, you have a gigantic heart, don't you? It feels like it from here, where I'm standing.

Hugs from nanouke

mchen said...

Thanks, Ngan :) I'm working on this!

I like your daily hopes — they're good ones that will lead to good things. Especially the tweezing. Ha!

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Thank you Ngan... you are so sweet! I will try to get to this soon. I guess 1 of my facts would be procrastinator. LOL :^)

Love your 7. Definitely great aspirations.