Sneak Peek :: items in the waiting room

Just wanted to share some snapshots of just a few of the many new items just waiting to be listed...

My signature "Trickle" necklace featuring African Opal

My signature Wrap and Thread Necklace featuring Sunstone pebbles
A wire and chain wrapped Chalcedony pendant accented with Moss Green Apatite
A simple wire wrapped glowing Green Onyx drop on an oxidized sterling satellite chain

But realistically, these may never see the light of Etsy because I'm so busy prepping for 3 upcoming shows!  I'll be at the Zona Rosa Art Festival in Kansas City (Sept. 17-19), the Longview Art and World Music Festival in Lee's Summit (Oct. 1-3), and Haute Market in Overland Park (Oct. 7).  Both art festivals are 3-day shows, so I'm a little nervous about whether or not I'll have enough inventory.  So I'm just creating away, every waking second I have to spare (which isn't much).  I guess it was a blessing in disguise that my first art fest was rained out and I have a lot of pieces left over from that show.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.  Maybe a few sneak peeks here and there.  Til next time!

[oh, and tune in tomorrow for a brand new Featured Artist!]


Sydney said...

*GASP*!!!! I absolutely LOVE the Trickle" necklace featuring African Opal, such beautiful work as always Ngan!

eNVe said...

Thanks so much for the love, Syd! :)

Btw, I saw that you and I were both entering that FFF giveaway (for the awesome photo bag) at the same time. fingers crossed one of us wins! :D

Lan said...

The Trickle is gorgeous! You are so creative Ngan. Good luck on your upcoming shows.

Wild Woman Jewelry said...

these are GORGEOUS, ngan!

Sydney said...

lol, those bags are AMAZING!! I have my fingers crossed for you too =D

eNVe said...

Thank you so much, Karon!

And thanks, Lan! YOU are a creative one yourself! I'm always in awe of your incredible scrapbooking. We should get together so you can teach me a few things!

CrowNology said...

ohmygoodness these are fabulouslylovely!

eNVe said...

thanks so much andrea! :)