Can you guess what this is?

Here's a quick and fun little contest for you.  Guess what this is a photo of!  
The prize:  knowing that you are a genius.

Some hints:
This is not a macro shot.
This is not what it should look like.
I am responsible for this.
I am not proud of it.

I'll post the answer tomorrow.  :)


lillyella said...

wow! Im kinda scared to find out after reading you are responsible for it! My first thought was lava, but I know you're not makin lava over there…
wow, I have no idea!

Sydney said...

Wow.....is that some kind of baked good (I'll use the term "good" loosely right now because this resembles some things that have come out of my over, lol) Can't wait to hear what the answer is!! =)

Brenda said...

I have NO clue and I cannot WAIT to find out!