Warm Hearts Around the World :: at home with my daughter and I

So where is the Warm Hearts Necklace now??? I think it just arrived in Seattle, WA!

It's been several months since the necklace made its way home following the international tour. I didn't want it to get lost among the influx of all the holiday packages and mail going around so I held onto it for a bit before sending it off again. Then I blinked and turned around a couple times and it is now almost the end of March! 

But I'm so excited that the project is on again!  Slowly but surely.  Can you believe that it's been a year and a half since this began?  I feel like it's the slowest progressing project/contest ever...but I guess traveling around the world takes time.  To those who have participated and are still on the list to receive the necklace, thank you for all your patience!  I promise, the best things come to those who wait.  If you're not familiar with my Warm Hearts Project, or can't remember what it was about, you can read about it here in this post and see where it's traveled to here.

Before I sent it off, I figured I should snap a few photos to contribute to the collection.  Here is my little firecracker playing around with the necklace.  She just loves being in front of the camera (and that's probably my fault for always being in her face with one).  I hope I'm not creating a little monster!



While I was taking some product photos for Noelle (of Xenotees) and Brian (of Western Art Glass), I figured I could do some Warm Hearts photos as well.  It's not often I'm in front of the camera (for a plethora of reasons, including the fact that I feel like a complete goober and that I'm sure most people don't want to see me in my usual pajama attire), so I took advantage of the opportunity.  I think this is actually the first time I have ever modeled my jewelry in photos aside from my wearing them in regular family photos.

I gotta say, modeling is hard work if you're not a natural, and I feel as unnatural as they come.  Good thing I had my husband yelling out directions.  I think he had a good time trying to enhance my dork factor in this whole process.  Thanks, honey!  :)

Hey! What's that on the wall?

Gooberriffic!  I'm glad you can't hear me snort through these pictures.

Your fly's open! Wha?.... Your shoes are untied! Not falling for it.. I'm not wearing any shoes.

Changing it up.  :)   Modeling is exhausting!  Good thing I have a mannequin.

With almost 30 upcoming destinations (and counting) I hope you'll continue to follow along on this journey!  Stay tuned to the next Warm Hearts post to see who's wearing the necklace in Seattle!  ;)

You can still sign up to participate in Warm Hearts Around the World
(my traveling necklace project, raising awareness for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital)

Click here to read more or just email me at warmhearts[at]envedesigns[dot]com to be added to the list.

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!


Monica said...

You are gorgeous! You should be modeling all of your pieces! Your husband got some great photos.

So glad I could be a part of this project and I always enjoy seeing where it goes next.

eNVe said...

You're so sweet, Monica. :) I'm so happy you were a part of it as well! You kicked off the whole thing! Thanks for following the journey. :)

Ashley said...

Readers, y'all know Ngan was homecoming queen, right? Heeee! Just *had* to put that out there. You're so pretty.

Bebe is getting so big! She's such a mix of you & hubs.

Miss you!

shealennon said...

I think you make a great model! You look so natural, so even if you don't feel that way you hide it well! And your little girl is ADORABLE!!

eNVe said...

OMG Ashley, that is a secret!!! And fyi, I think I won because there was a huge Vietnamese immigrant population at our school due to the ESL program and I'm pretty sure they voted for the Vietnamese girl on the ballot. :P It's so crazy you mentioned it though because I actually forgot about all that! Ah, high school... ;)

ps. miss you too!

eNVe said...

Aw, thanks Shea! Likewise! I love checking in on your fabulous outfits. :) And thanks for the comment about my little girl. She's definitely squishable and I make sure to do so at least 10 times a day. I hope she doesn't develop a complex. haha

UnaOdd -Lynn said...


Both you and your little girl are so beautiful!!! Wonderful warm shots. Gosh, she is precious!

eNVe said...

Thank you, Lynn! :) How are you?