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A few weekends ago, I was invited by Andrea of Style My Way to take part in a blog tour, where each blogger on the tour introduces themselves and a few of their favorite bloggers. Of course I agreed to participate! And what a perfect opportunity for me to get blogging again!

Photo courtesy of Style My Way
Andrea is a fashion and style blogger right here in KC. I first met Andrea at the last KC Blogger Meetup event and have been admiring her style ever since. She makes looking chic and flawless look so easy! And to top things off, she is so personable and sweet. If you have a moment, do stop by her blog for some fab style!

As a continuation of this blog tour, here are some tidbits about me:

me in my studio --photo by Orangepeel Photography
What am I working on?
On my work bench, there's always a scattered array of jewelry parts in various stages of completion. Currently, I'm creating new jewelry pieces for the upcoming Holiday Chick Event. It's in November (13th-16th..you don't want to miss this one), which seems like a while away, but it really isn't a whole lot of time to make at least one hundred original pieces of jewelry. I like to be prepared!

How does my work differ from others?
With so many incredible jewelry artisans out there, it really is difficult to stand out from the crowd. But I feel that I do offer something in my designs that my customers love, and that is versatility. Since first starting my jewelry line in 2007, all of my original Signature pieces are designed with versatility in mind, which means they can be worn a number of different ways. My most versatile design, the Wrap and Thread necklace, can be styled up to about 20 different ways! At least that's what I could come up with. Perhaps my fabulous customers have come up with other style possibilities I hadn't thought of before! I also feel like my work differs in that aesthetically, it is a nice blend of elegance and edge! Edgy elegance...the two "e"s in eNVe.  ;)

Why do I create what I do?
I have a ton of creative energy. This can sometimes be a curse because if I'm not directing it somewhere, I feel completely out of balance. Jewelry design offers an outlet for me that hasn't really been matched by anything else that I've dabbled in. It might have something to do with my addiction to natural gemstones and all things pretty.  :)

What is my creative process like?
Usually, I treat each piece like a painting. I start with a blank slate and just let the stones and materials speak to me. It sounds a little silly, but honestly, that's where my best work comes from. It's organic, and just really exciting when it all comes together and I have that "eureka!" moment. I'll know when I've hit it because it's almost like my hands and fingers can't move fast enough to execute my vision. And at times, it can be frustrating because I don't have the right materials to complete the piece as I envision it. It's a thrilling roller coaster ride for sure! And oh my gosh, the icing on the cake is seeing a customer gravitate toward a particular piece of jewelry that is just perfect for her, like it was created for her. That's actually my favorite part of this whole process.

So there you have it, a little bit more about eNVe Designs and my creative process. 

To continue the blog tour, here are a couple blogs that I have discovered and really love: 

Olive Bites Blog -- A wonderful resource for the independent, handmade artisan. The woman behind Olive Bites is Cat Ivins. I met Cat through etsy when I first started my shop over 6 years ago (the good ol' days of etsy when it was more of a community of handmade artists, rather than the conglomerate entity it is today that seems to have forgotten the little guys on its rise to fame and fortune...anyway, that is a soapbox for another day). Cat is a brilliant jewelry artist, but so much more! Her blog is overflowing with positive energy, useful advice, and extremely thoughtful and real posts that I've really connected with. She is business savvy and environmentally conscientious, characteristics I feel are vital in this day and age. On top of it all, she is a genuinely nice and wonderful person. Go check out her blog already! ;)

KC Moms Blog -- This blog is a recent discovery of mine that I'm still exploring. I'm wondering what rock I've been living under these past 5 years that I've been living in KC! Their team of bloggers is a gathering of moms across the area, from a variety of professions. They cover many different aspects of being a mom...from nutrition to discipline, to all the fun things motherhood and KC has to offer. Their posts are easy to relate to and such fun to read. I'm hoping to attend one of their future MNO events and get better acquainted with this community of moms in KC!

There you have it.. just a couple of my favorite blogs. I'll be sure to share more in the future, as I do have more favorites!

What are some of your favorite blogs and why? translation: keep me in the loop and help me emerge from this rock I'm living under!  ;)


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