KC Blogger Meet Up

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting up with several bloggers from the Kansas City area for lunch at Blanc Burger.  I'd never really considered myself a "blogger" per se, rather just someone with a blog... that I update.. *ahem* rather sparsely.  Therefore, I don't think I'm quite deserving of the blogger title, at least not just yet.  So it was a sweet surprise when out of the blue, Sandy (of Sandy a la Mode) invited me to join the meet up.  Of course I was in!

Before Saturday, I'd never met any of these ladies nor was I familiar with their blogs.  And I don't think any of them had ever met in person either, though I think they knew each other from the blogging world.  What a treat it was to meet a group of genuinely interesting and fun girls!  And on top of having awesome personalities, they're all super adorable, each and every one of them!  I had such a blast chatting it up over fancy burgers and truffle fries (which are served in tiny shopping carts! can we say super adorbs?).

Taken by Angga's husband, who is 10-feet tall (ok, not really)
Then, as would be expected when six bloggers meet, the cameras came out!  So each of us has our own version of these pics.  The above two were the only ones I had where all six of us were mostly within the frame.  Thank you to Angga's husband, who volunteered to be our paparazzi.  :) 

From left to right:  Ashley of A Hasty Life, Sandy of Sandy a la Mode, Shea of Bon Chic Bon Gastronimique


From left to right:  Angga of Reserverade Fashion, Michelle of Second Street East, and me.

After lunch, Shea, Sandy and I trekked out into the cold to do a little window shopping at the Plaza.  Despite it being freezing out, these ladies braved the cold for an impromptu photo shoot for their blogs.  Now that is some dedicated blogging!  I just volunteered to take the photos because I am no model!  Sure I used to choreograph hip hop, but thinking of modeling poses baffles my brain.  Not sure why there's a disconnect there for me, but there is a definite gap.  So I'm not sure how they managed to do so, but Shea and Sandy convinced me to step in front of the camera.  Here are some snapshots that I lifted from Sandy since all the pics were on her camera (hope you don't mind, Sandy!).

So this is how the pros do it.  Laid back, even while balancing on a bench!


 And then it was my turn.  Poor Sandy and Shea had to coach me the whole time.  Did someone say "horse stance"?  Nope!  That was all me.. and that is why I need coaching. 

Kohl's catalog, here I come!


The last two are my favs because I don't look like a total goober in them.  Thanks to all you ladies for a really fun day!  And thanks to Sandy and Shea for showing me how to model!  Maybe from now on I'll come out from behind the camera a little more.  Maybe.   :)

Hope you all had a phenomenal weekend! 

More updates to come this week (including the whereabouts of my Warm Hearts Necklace)!


Michelle said...

I am so bummed I missed the photo shoot! You girls are too cute!

eNVe said...

It would've been so much fun with you there! We'll have to do it again for sure.. maybe when it's a little warmer. :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

yayyy for blogging!!! :) it was soo fun hanging out and chatting with you! you are a NATURAL in front of the camera!! :) hope to meet up again soon!

eNVe said...

Thanks, Sandy! It helped having someone tell me what to do or what to look at. haha. Definitely keep me posted on the next meet up! ps. good luck with you know what! ;)

shealennon said...

Aww, I think you look great in the pics! I felt like a total goober too :) I had so much fun on Saturday, it was so great to meet you!