it's no big secret...

Hi everyone, my name is Ngan, and I am a jewelry addict.

Every time I'm anywhere near a jewelry boutique, counter, kiosk, or even street vendor, I have to look. HAVE TO! Even for a quick second. You never know when you'll discover that one piece of jewelry that you've been missing from your life. And all I need is a second to spot a personal treasure. So I never miss an opportunity. I can't take that chance you know.. life is short!.. and there are many pieces of jewelry yet to be discovered.

Ever since my childhood during the 80's, I've been a big fan of accessories. I remember being in my elementary school years, plotting out my next day's outfit with the same precision and thought that would require an architect designing the next Eiffel Tower. Everything had to be perfect down to how I was going to wear my hair. And every outfit HAD to have the perfect jewelry accent.

Keep in mind, I was absolutely NO fashionista. My parents, sister, and I immigrated from Vietnam.. and I can't say this is a sweeping statement for all immigrants, but many of them are not rich (news flash, right?). We were no exception. But what I had, I made the most of. So my jellies sandals went with my k-mart shorts and flea market shirt.. I had the perfect headband atop my crimped hair, and topped everything off with some 80's era jewelry.. in all its neon, plastic, and gargantuan glory. By the way, I didn't have a crimper either (that was a luxury item), so making due meant braiding my hair in tiny braids the night before and sleeping in them. Sometimes this looked good.. most times, it was atrocious.. but I rocked it anyway. Anything for fashion, right?

Back then, I couldn't afford to buy everything I had my eye on, so I started making my own jewelry... out of everyday materials (like paperclips.. no kidding!) and breaking apart the old jewelry I did own, I managed to mangle together some wearable pieces.. at least in my memory, they were wearable. I had so much fun doing it that most of the time, when I did manage to buy jewelry from the store, I would end up modifying it somehow. And this childhood tendency evolved into what it is today. Not much has changed. Although I have to say for the record, that I no longer use paperclips.

I've always made my own jewelry in some way shape or form, but only recently did I decide to share it with the world (wow, that sounded way more glorious than it really is). I started making jewelry for family and friends and they were the ones who encouraged me to expand on that and get my jewelry "out there". So that is why I started envedesigns.com. I also recently discovered etsy.com (absolute heaven for me) and opened up a little shop there. This site is heaven because it is overflowing with absolutely amazing handmade treasures.. just about anything you can think of. And jewelry GALORE!!! Even though I make my own stuff, I still admire and buy other artists' work.. there's so many great pieces out there.. it would be so boring to limit myself to my own stuff!

Aside from being a jewelry addict, I am also an etsy addict (www.etsy.com). I spend way too much time on it and you will probably hear more about it in this blog.

So although my life hadn't always been about jewelry, it certainly is now.. since I've had my baby and have put my professional career on a temporary hold. Creating jewelry and developing this small jewelry business on the side is a great outlet for me, as much as I love *insert sarcasm* doing laundry and dishes and cooking every day.

Oh one more thing.. I am also a shoe addict. More of that later.


Ashley said...

I am *pretty sure* I have a picture of you from 7th grade with a half-up, SIDE PONYTAIL.

Or maybe the image is just burned into my brain . . . ;)

You always had style!

eNVe said...

*yikes!* please keep that picture to yourself.. :) Well, I wish you still had that drawing you made of me which instead looked like winnie cooper. That is a classic.