eNVe Designs on DJ Neekola!

"Clarity", one of my wrap and thread necklaces was featured in a photo shoot with DJ Neekola! She's an international dj who tours Europe and South America. This totally made my day!!!

{credits: model is DJ Neekola; photography by Tim Coburn; hair and makeup by James Cornwell; Wardrobe by Aidah Collection; jewelry by eNVe Designs}


ana carina said...

WOW Ngan!! Wonderful!!!
Good for you and for Neekola, for wearing your beautiful jewelry!


f2images said...

That is so exciting! You must be thrilled!! Congratulations ;)

eNVe said...

Thank you, ladies! you're the sweetest!

Kingshuk said...

Wow!! excellent..

sweetnessjewelry said...

Wow you are very special Ngan!
Congrats it looks amazing! =)

jealousydesign said...

that is great! the photos is awesome!