Weekend Fun

This past weekend was just gorgeous out so we decided to take advantage of the fleeting warm weather. Spent Friday evening walking along the Charles river and hanging out at the park with Jax. He's just starting to walk on his own now so he can't really play on the equipment yet, but he LOVES the swing! He just giggles and giggles.. so adorable!

Saturday was spent in Salem, MA. It was their first big weekend (although pretty much the entire month of October is a big deal in Salem). A lot of people usually come out in costume so we put Jax in his halloween costume. He's a little monkey. Clearly he didn't know what to make of it. At least it kept him nice and warm. It was a little chilly out. He sure got a lot of attention in this costume! It's funny how much more approachable you seem to be when you have a baby... or an animal... or a baby dressed like an animal. All kinds of people smile and say hi, stop and chat, even try to hold your baby. Never happened when we were sans child.

Sunday was equally gorgeous so we went apple picking! We went for the first time last year, a couple weeks before Jax was born, so technically, this is Jax's second time as well. Again, not sure what he thought of apple picking. He seemed much more interested in the planes flying overhead than in the apples. Although he did like eating them!

Here are a few more of my favorite snapshots from the weekend.

Hope everyone had a relaxing one as well!

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lillyella, uniquely you said...

oh my gosh tooo cute!!! We just got back from apple picking, i took some great photos - though Tyler isnt wearing a bear suit :P

ana carina said...

Oh My God, he's so cute on his monkey costume!!!!!!!


teamzvonik said...

Jax is just adorable!! You must be so proud of your little monkey- that is just the cutest picture I have ever seen! I just found your blog through our mutual friend, Kelly (sweetness).
I have really enjoyed getting to know you through Etsy. I hope you have a great season- your work is beautiful!

J. Leigh Designz said...

Love it! My youngest was that same Old Navy Monkey last year...except it was dark brown then. He's so cute!!!

eNVe said...

don't you just love old navy?? I do! :D