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I have always been a huge fan of versatility (in case you didn't know) and I tend to look for it everywhere... from clothing, to accessories, to writing utensils, to kids' toys, to furniture. To me, it's always a great value if I can use any given item in different ways. It keep things interesting, I can utilize my creativity, reflect the kind of mood I'm in, and get more mileage out of my things.

One of the many reasons I love etsy is that it is not lacking in creative artists who design items with versatility in mind. I'll share these versatile finds with you whenever I come across them during my (many hours of) perusing the wonderful world of etsy (and beyond).

My first and one of my most favorite finds is this hat by Terry Graziano. I've never seen such ultra stylish and truly truly versatile hats like these before and I'm sure you'll agree. I'm not a hat person, but will probably convert just to wear one of these amazing creations. The Acapella is one of my favorite designs by Terry. LOVE it!

Acapella - Blue Tweed
by Terry Graziano

I am also a big fan of this hooded scarf. One side is vibrant, for when you want the world to see you, and the other is subdued, for your incognito days. But regardless of your mood, you'll still look super hip. Can't beat that!

Reversible Black/ Orange Check Hood Scarf
by ilikeyouworld

And I don't know when or why my love for fingerless gloves began, but I love fingerless gloves! Here is a pair that is reversible and you can wear it long or rolled down for a shorter look. Love love love.

extra long reversible fingerless gloves
by hannahsas

There are more finds, but I will save them for another day. Please PLEASE share your versatile finds with me if you happen to come across any.

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