RAFFLE for charity

What's better than giving to a great cause? Giving to a great cause and having a chance to win some sparkling handmade jewelry! :D

My husband Alex (in the orange) is a part of the Run for Research marathon team again this year. Their mission is to raise funds for the American Liver Foundation and to run for this cause during the upcoming 2009 Boston Marathon.

And because I love my husband, his big heart, and his relentless determination, I am helping him raise money for this vital organization. I'm raffling off 3 shopping sprees to be used on envedesigns.com! Prizes this year are even better than last year!

1st prize: $175
2nd prize: $100
3rd prize: $75

Here's how you can get into the spirit of giving and help a great cause.. and potentially win one of these prizes!

To enter this eNVe Designs raffle:
(you must complete #1 and #2 to be entered; #3 through #7 are optional)

1) Please visit Alex's fund raising site: www.run-alex-run.com to make your donation. Be sure to leave a valid name and email address (do NOT check the anonymous donation box).

$15 = 1 raffle entry
$20 = 2 raffle entries
$25 = 3 raffle entries

2) Then leave a comment here (any comment) to indicate your entry. IMPORTANT: Make sure your name on the donation matches the name on your comment posted here. That's the only way I can verify how many entries to give you.

That's it! You will be entered into all 3 prizes drawings.

But wait, there's more. Here are some options for additional entries if you'd like to increase your chances of winning:

3) Make your donation by Dec. 15, 2008 (1 additional entry)

4) Link to this post from your own blog (2 additional raffle entries)
* please leave an additional comment indicating you are doing this, along with a link to your blog

5) Purchase an item from my "Earrings for Charity" collection (2 additional raffle entries)
* 100% of your purchase will be donated to the American Liver Foundation.
* please leave an additional comment indicating you are doing this

6) Email your friends about this raffle (1 additional entry for every 10 people)
* you must CC contact@envedesigns.com in order to receive credit
* please leave an additional comment indicating you are doing this

7) Subscribe to the eNVe Designs mailing list (1 additional entry)
* just send an email to subscribe@envedesigns.com
* if you are already on the mailing list, you will automatically receive the additional entry
* please leave an additional comment if you subscribe or if you're already on the list

The three winners will be randomly selected on January 16, 2009. Remember to check back to see if you're a winner! And as a thank you to those who participate, but do not win, I will post an unbeatable special just for you!


l'actrice said...

Ngan, I think it's great that you are doing this!!!

Hugs, Iris

uncorked said...

Hi Ngan & Alex- Yeah, for you guys! I am supposed to be preparing for a marathon right now (but I am kind of slacking off this month!) so great luck with it- hope you raise lots of moula!

- Cat
Catherine Ivins
Uncorked & Polarity

Brian Western said...

Howdy Ngan und Alex--I don't know why, but i enjoy run lola run (sumptin about foreign films, eh?), plus I stopped at The New French Bakery on my way home, and I'm preparing for an artisian bread mit butter marathon--whhheeeeee! As I approached the bakery, Big Bill Broonzy was holding forth on the radio--"I've got the key to the highway..." Of course once inside the bakery, there was a plethora of impertinent remarks and observations from yours truly...gluten day!

Brian Western
Western Art Glass
Little Zorro

sweetnessjewelry said...

You go Ngan and Alex!
I think this is an amazing thing to do for charity! I like how everything is organized... and the raffle.
Good luck Alex on the marathon!

-Kelly ♥

Kelly Jacobs
Sweetness Jewelry

DolceBaci said...

Wow! I think that is so generous of you to give 100% of the purchase to the Foundation. We shared a little about your Earrings for Charity on our blog. I hope you are blessed with many many sales!!!

f2images said...

Just did #5....what at a great cause. You have a beautiful heart!

Xenotees said...

Awesome cause! You guys are amazing! I just entered via #1 & here's my part 2.



Lacey said...

Best of luck to you guys,

Lacey Cordero

Nora said...

Hello you are one of my favorite shops on etsy! I was thrilled to contribute to such a worthy cause.


Nia said...

It's great that you two are doing this. :)


Vanessa and Roger Karam said...

Hey Alex and Ngan!!
Wishing you good luck! Hope you achieve your goal! Send our love to Jax!
Ngan- Wished I lived there so I could buy your jewelry! Every now and then I log onto your website and go through everything! It's so gorgeous! I especially liked the pearl collection!
Vanessa and Roger

Ngoc Vuong said...

Best of Luck!!!

Love you guys!

Kathy Thiemann-Bourque said...

Hope you meet your April goal, Run Alex Run!! Then come back to the mid-west.

ThePeachTree said...

I swear I thought I left a message here! I must have been dreaming! I think this is such a wonderful thing and I'm so glad I could be a part in my little way :)

Good luck, Alex!!

Donna Szerwinski said...

Donna Szerwinski $50