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The fabulously stylish Rebecca of thevintageblog has tagged me so here we go! 6 random things about myself...

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1 :: I was almost switched at birth when I was born in Vietnam. When the nurses took me away to give me my first bath, they brought back another baby to my mom. She immediately said.."no, that is NOT my baby!" (except it was in Vietnamese). So thanks to my super observant mother, I am where I am today.. otherwise, I might still be in Vietnam somewhere and etsy would have been a strange word I had never heard of. :)

2 :: I met my husband at the infamous Live 8 concert in the summer of 2005 (in Philadelphia) and we hit it off so well that we spent every single day for the next month together! It was the most amazing summer of my life.

3 :: For some reason, I love wearing business attire. Not full on suits or anything, but business casual.. like sleek slacks with a cute top and to-die-for shoes. and ever since I can remember in high school, I would wear slacks, button down blouses, and heels every chance I got (like to church on Sundays).

4 :: I think Arrested Development is seriously one of the best shows ever created.

5 :: I still love watching cartoons.

6 :: I absolutely love costume parties.. especially when it's not Halloween. It's so much fun coming up with costumes and putting them together. Maybe I'll dig up some pictures and post them sometime...

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Kendra Zvonik said...

This is really fun, Ngan! I appreciate getting to know you a little better and I'm with you about Arrested Development. In fact, I was watching it on dvd this morning while I enjoyed my coffee. Buster makes me laugh so hard.
Glad your mother claimed you so I could get a chance to know you! LOL! (That must have been upsetting for her.)
OK, I acknowledge the tag and actually needed someone to push me to blog. So, thanks, I will work on it soon!!

Brian Western said...

very interesting ngan--i enjoy yer randomness!

jealousydesign said...

that first you wrote about switch at birth is really scary!
hmmm..Arrested Development.....ok, I think I must confess that i have seen most of it...

I have been tagged before so I already have told things about myself here: http://jealousydesign.blogspot.com/search/label/tagged