Warm Hearts Whereabouts :: getting contagious!

Where's the necklace now?

In Bethlehem, PA with Lynn!

Who knew having an outbreak could look so fabulous!

Lynn, thank you for your fun [and super stylish] interpretation of spreading the love and care through Etsy Project Embrace and through this Warm Hearts project!  I hope the contagion continues for quite some time. :)

Lynn is also a member of EPE and has an incredible etsy shop, UnaOdd.  Below is just a small sampling of her wonderful work.  You can also follow her work through her blog, flickr, and twitter.

 Thanks again, Lynn!

You can still sign up to participate in Warm Hearts Around the World!
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Monica said...

Those are fabulous!

Lickety Split said...

Look at that hot tamale!
Awesome pics Lynn! what fun.

Stay Tuned said...

OH, i got such a good laugh at the heart on your lips - these pics are SO good, like you could model in a magazine!! I'm impressed!!!!!!!!!!!! xxoo laura

Sydney said...

These are fabulous pics!!! Love the hearts and the different feel you get with each picture, too fun!

Brenda said...

Lynn is such an artist ... and a model, too! I love her photos!!!