Finding Extra (in the) Ordinary :: Day 1

After finding a spark of inspiration, I decided to go forward with my personal photography challenge -- capturing something extraordinary in my otherwise ordinary day.  I'd like to do this as a photo-a-day, but admittedly it's a bit ambitious.  But what's a challenge without it being challenging, right?  So here are a few from Day 1.  It was unusually warm yesterday so Jax and I were outside playing with the melting snow and ice.  Pretty ordinary, but certainly not through the eyes of a 3-year-old!  He found a sheet of ice in the back of his yellow toy dump truck and we both examined and admired each tiny detail. 

I love how the sunlight played with the cracking surface of the ice... and the gentle gradation of colors shining through is so beautiful to me.  I'm happy I snapped these photos before I (fumble fingers) dropped the ice and shattered it.

We then built a tiny snowman.  One arm was three times longer than the other, but he was a happy little guy.  I say "was" because by the end of the afternoon, all the snow on our deck was gone, and all that was left of our little friend was a tiny pile of twigs.

Here he is with Jax.  :)  So what's the moral of the story?  Enjoy the little things before they're gone.  ;)

Have a beautiful Saturday, everyone!


Som's Studio said...

Your son is adorable!! :)

eNVe said...

Thanks, Som! He's a little squish ball. :)

Ashley said...

Very nice. Can't wait to see what you have in store! HI JAX!!

shealennon said...

Those ice pictures are gorgeous girl! And I think you will have another opportunity for a snow man soon! Hello blizzard!