Brilliance :: Pencil Tip Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti

The incredible work of Dalton Ghetti awes me every time I see it.  With only a razor blade, his naked eye, and pencils that he finds on the streets and sidewalk, Dalton Ghetti meticulously carves out tiny sculptures on the graphite tips of pencils.  His idea is to turn attention to the small things.  It can take months to years to complete a single sculpture.  His 9-11 Memorial dedicated to the victims took 10 years to complete.

His immense patience, dedication, and great attention to the tiniest detail is inspiring!  For him, his art is a hobby and a form of meditation, not something to be sold. 

Here are just a few examples of his amazing sculpture work.

 Even the smallest things in the world can have immense impact.

What's inspiring you today?

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