In the Studio :: a look at my work space

Welcome!  Until now, I don't think I've ever formally shared any pictures of my workspace.  So here it is!  Let me tell you, it is a work in progress (and is usually not this clean and organized).  I have also recently acquired all of my father's metalsmith tools and equipment that I am dying to set up in this room so I can start learning metal techniques and exploring new jewelry designs!

My work bench is a table that my husband built from a salvaged counter top.  While in Boston, we used it as much needed kitchen counter space, now it's where most of my jewelry work takes shape from start to finish.  There are typically several different projects scattered about in various stages of completion.  The square bulletin boards are ones I made from some frames (glass removed), and cork board that I covered in fabric.  Super fun and easy!  Maybe I'll post the tutorial sometime.  The little rack that is used to hang completed earrings and necklaces is actually a wire dish rack turned on its side and attached to the wall. 

Directly to the right is a small table where finished pieces are photographed.  There's great natural light coming through the window for the first half of the day so that's all the lighting I use. 

And the only photo props I use are a sheet of scrapbook paper, my dress form, and a cluster of branches (found outside which I painted white, cut into segments, and attached to a candle holder that holds 12 tea light candles).

Then directly right of my photo station is my shipping station.  I use a baker's cart and it holds everything I need to package and ship my jewelry.  It's slightly in disarray, but it's all there and makes packaging so much more efficient.

And finally, a little happy collection on the corner of my shelf.  Vintage ceramic baby booties from simplysuzula, a little clay snowman that my son made in his preschool class this winter, a wooden carving of the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) statue at the Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (where my husband proposed to me 5 years ago), and one of my favorite prints from f2images.

On many occasions, I get a helper or two in my studio to help me organize my supplies.  It's actually the opposite of that, but they're fun to have around.  :)

I always enjoy peeking into another artist's work space, so I hope you enjoyed the tour.  I'll post a studio update once I get the metal working area set up.  I'm so excited and impatient for this to happen, but realistically, it will be a little while before it does because baby #3 will be here very soon (we're super excited about that too!), but we all know what that means... my jewelry work will be on hold indefinitely.  But do be prepared for an influx of baby pictures. :)

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!


AnDee said...

Thank you for sharing...

Happy Weekend!

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

What a great workspace! Beautifully organized. I like your helpers and look forward to 'meeting' your newest helper soon!

Ngan {eNVe Designs} said...

Thank you, Lynn! Love your new profile pic! :)