KC Fashion Week Recap :: Part II

Thanks for checking back in for the second part of my KC Fashion Week recap! So I attended the first night, missed the second night, but was happy I got a chance to attend the final night of runway shows, especially because I knew Project Runway alum Lauren Kathleen would be there!!! I was such a big fan of hers on the show and was excited to see her designs walk the runway in person!

Prior to the runway shows, I got to attend the Ulta Beauty media event, where I got to sample delicious drinks, deserts, and hors d'oeuvres. They certainly know how to entertain a lady. ;)

I also got in some chat time with these two lovelies, Antonia (who just launched Curvaceous City) and her sister Alexis. They're super sweet, funny, and doing some great things here in KC! We probably could've chatted the entire night, but before we knew it, it was time to get seated for the runway shows!

While walking to my seat, I spotted Laura Kathleen and had a major groupie moment. I had to force myself to go talk to her because if I didn't, I knew I'd be kicking myself later. So I'm happy to report, I did it! She was so sweet and approachable..and just look at her adorable baby bump! :)

If I had to pick a highlight of the evening, this would probably be it.

Now onto the show!

The collection by Christina and John, the duo behind Architexture (love that name), combined structure and texture so seamlessly. I loved the sleekness of everything and can definitely see myself wearing practically everything in this collection. They had a couple of jackets that are to die for, but sadly, I didn't get clear pictures of them.

Kate Walz
Definitely one of the most notable collections of the night was this one by another young designer, Kate Walz (she's only 17!). Again, I'm just so incredibly floored by the amount of talent she already has. This is the stuff I expect to see when I think "runway"...more avante garde and daring looks that push boundaries. I loved her blend of structured textiles with more feminine silhouettes. It definitely made for an unconventional look. And just check out her final look!


Laura McGrew
These TOMBOY Designs looks by Laura McGrew were classic, yet edgy. I must be going through a black and white phase because I find myself gravitating toward these neutrals, along with greys and off whites, in my every day clothing lately. I love the clean, classic lines, and I also really appreciate the asymmetrical pieces (like the grey short-sleved jacket below, which I failed to get a clear pic of).

Christian Micheal
I loved that there was another men's wear collection at this season's KCFW! Christian Micheal did not disappoint. Again, when I think runway, I expect to see more daring styles like these. I love the details he incorporates in each one of these looks. I must be a sucker for structure and texture because I really appreciate all the detailed work that went into these pieces! Just look at the quilting and impeccable stitching involved. Aside from the exaggerated collars and cuffs, they're pretty wearable. I actually kind of wish he did a version of this collection for women!

House of Cochon
Anyone who knows me knows I love jewelry. Obviously! ;) And I love a good piece of statement jewelry. So when I found out that House of Cochon was showing their collection, I couldn't wait to see it! I'm definitely digging their natural, tribal, bohemian vibe. The splashes of color are refreshing and make me want to hop on the next plane to the nearest tropical beach. It's always inspiring for me to see the work of other jewelry artists and to know how far they've come. I definitely walked away very inspired...and who knows...maybe eNVe Designs will walk down the KCFW runway too sometime in the future!

Whitney Rorah Designs
As an artist, I'm always viewing others' work through an appreciative lens, particularly imagining how many countless hours it took for this person to achieve the piece of work I see in front of me. That's exactly what was going through my mind when I saw Whitney Rorah's collection. Just look at the amount of meticulous detail that went into all those gowns! 

Laura Kathleen 
I have to be honest, Laura Kathleen's collection was much more casual and ready-to-wear than what I was expecting, given her incredible work on Project Runway, especially her collection for NYFW. So part of me was a little disappointed that there wasn't a real "WOW" moment with this collection. But that said, I still think she is amazing and I do love the flowy, feminine look of this collection. Sometimes it's hard to make black look ultra flowy and feminine, but she managed to do that here. Plus, the sunnies and the head scarf are calling me to take a coastal road trip in a convertible! Who wants to go with me? I'm pretty fun on road trips! ;)

There you have it...my entire first experience with Kansas City Fashion Week! It was so much fun that I know I'll be back for more next season! In the meantime, I think I need to get some red-carpet posing lessons! And some photography lessons! LOL

So which collections caught your eye?? Good or bad?

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