eNVe 6x6 Style Series

One of the most fun and rewarding things about being a designer is seeing your creations out and about in the real world, integrated into people's lives. I'm sure all artists could attest to this! So I have teamed up with six of my favorite style bloggers to bring you this new series I'm calling "eNVe 6 by 6".  Each blogger will each style one eNVe Designs piece in six different looks. I'm super excited to see how these ladies will incorporate their piece into their already fabulous wardrobes! Pictured above are the first looks from each blogger. I'll be individually featuring each of these ladies and their blogs in the next couple months and you'll be able to see just how creative they are with their outfit choices! I already know...that's why I personally selected them!  ;)  If you're not already following their blogs, I hope you'll stop by and visit.  While you're there, tell them I said hello. :)

Sandy // Sandy A La Mode
Megan // Chasing Davies
Lisa // Peridot Skys
Lashonda // Fashion Plate KC
Shea // Shea Lennon

And if you're ever wearing eNVe Designs, I'd love to see it! Just tag me @eNVeDesigns and #eNVeDesigns on twitter and/or instagram or share to my facebook page. Who knows, you may be selected to participate in my next 6x6 series! :)


Shea Sayers said...

Yay!!! I can't wait to see everyone's looks! And you're reminding me that I need to post my 6th look (I think?) still!

Ngan {eNVe Designs} said...

I think you're right, Shea! Can't wait to see it! And thanks for participating!!! :)