VERSATILE FIND :: the perfect spring dress

I must be aching for spring and summer to arrive already if I'm browsing for a nice breezy spring dress (even though I'm too pregnant to wear anything this cute yet)!

Can you believe that this is the same dress?? It's the Chameleon Dress ($127) by isadoraclothing. You can't get much more versatility out of a dress than that! I love that you can achieve a conservative look as well as something more evening ready.

And what about this beautiful Organic Wedding Gown ($360). You can get married 4 different times with the same dress and look different every time. ;)

Do you have any versatile finds? Please send them my way!


Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing! These are gorgeous!

Raven said...

I like the Chameleon Dress... but I'll pass on the wedding gown. I only wanna be married once anyway. But, that was damn funny!


Brenda // Phydeaux said...

Wowee! Those are so lovely!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness! I love it. I hope it comes with directions (I could see myself getting all tangled up), but I love it!

Raven said...

p.s. I LOVE your blog, so I've awarded you the Kreative Blogger Award. :)
See my blog for details:


lillyella said...

you are the queen of versatility! - leave it to you to find these dresses that are just like your versatile jewelry pieces!

Alicia said...

Incredible designs of those dresses!! I love the first collection... It's truly versatile!!