Circulating the good dissertation karma!

I know all about good dissertation karma because if it wasn't for the dissertation gods finally smiling down on me, I probably would've jumped off a bridge before finishing mine a couple years ago. Dissertations are no joke and definitely some painstaking work. Every little bit helps, so I'm trying to do my part in circulating the good dissertation karma...

Holly Wilcox, an aspiring jewelry design student from Scotland, needs your help with her dissertation research. She is studying how the internet has impacted contemporary designers/craftspeople like YOU! If you have a few minutes, please help her out by completing her survey. And if you're not a designer, she's also interested in why you buy handmade. You can definitely fill out both questionnaires if you'd like. All participants will have a chance at winning one of her original designs: this necklace!


ana carina said...

I have to write my thesis and finish it a year from now... *scared*

I'll take a few minutes to answer, that's very nice from you Ngan!

Holly Wilcox said...

Thought you might like to know loads of people replied to my questionnaires because of your post! Thank you so much! (: