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Introducing a new online boutique: Aspiring Couture

Several months ago, I was approached by Allison O'Grady, founder of Aspiring Couture. She was recruiting emerging designers for her new venture and wanted to include my work. It's one thing (a very critical thing, I might add) to believe in your own vision, but to have someone else recognize and believe in your work is truly something else... something equally important in this vast entrepreneurial world, where it's quite easy to feel minuscule and irrelevant. I definitely consider myself a newbie in this little jewelry design venture of mine, but an "emerging" or "up and coming" designer was not a part of my self-descriptive vocabulary. To me, I am just creating jewelry pieces that I personally love and would personally wear, and I adore working with gorgeous natural materials and other interesting finds. That was the extent of it in my book. It's just delicious icing on the cake when others enjoy my work as well. And of course I hopped aboard the Aspiring Couture ship, not simply because I know it's headed for great places, but because I believe in Allison's wonderful vision as well. I'll let her express it in her own words:

"I'm Allison O'Grady, creator of Aspiring Couture, with a strong purpose to help passionate designers and showcase their work for those people who are looking for something different!

I started Aspiring Couture because I want to encourage other designers to continue to create on their dreams. I have grown up in a hard working and creative environment with the belief that helping others achieve their goals is an important part of one's life. You can't get anywhere alone, so it is important to help and support other people on your journey to succeed.

I am still learning so much, but I do want to thank those who have helped and supported me thus far. I look forward to the rapid expansion of Aspiring Couture which in turn means the rapid expansion of aspiring designers."

And what is Aspiring Couture?

"Aspiring Couture is an online boutique and fashion blog featuring the original work of aspiring designers. The purpose of Aspiring Couture is two-fold; first it is to help these truly amazing designers flourish and prosper, second, it is for those who are searching for something different and original to perfectly communicate their personal style.

Aspiring Couture was created for those people who are searching for something different. Aspiring Couture features only the work of aspiring designers in an effort to give you something new and original to wear! On the other side, you can feel good knowing that you have supported those designers who have worked so hard to create something to fit your personal style."

I can't express how great of a fit it is for eNVe Designs to be a part of Aspiring Couture's overall mission. I'm a huge proponent of letting your individuality shine and work really hard to create pieces that would allow for optimal versatility to reflect the wearer's unique and multi-faceted styles. I take great pride in this because it's my heart and soul, but never truly know how well this passion extends into the real world. That's why it's such a thrill and an honor to have such encouragement. Thank you, Allison. Truly.

I am currently working on some limited edition pieces that will only be available exclusively on Aspiring Couture, so keep your eyes peeled!

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alexkeller said...

i am slowly (so slowly) getting a few pieces together for allison as well. can't wait to join you!