Dear Boston :: We'll miss you...

[our little Jax, walking along the river, running his hands across the bars]

I'm feeling a little bittersweet lately because we definitely are leaving Boston and it's finally sinking in. Only one month left to enjoy this amazing city and now I feel rushed because that is asking the impossible! We'll certainly try though... and then we'll try to squeeze in some packing (oh how I dread packing!).

[admiring the skyline. he looks so pensive here]

I wonder if I'll cry on moving day. Even though my husband and I have only been here for 3 years, Boston has etched an indelible place in each of our lives. I came here in 2006 to do a year of internship for my doctorate, my husband (then "boyfriend") came with so we could finally close the gap in our long distance relationship. It was an adventure in the making (at least for me since I had lived most of my life in Kansas up to that point). And during our stint here, we explored the city, made some wonderful friends, discovered what it was like to be within arm's reach of each other 90% of the time, took some amazing trips, explored the east coast, got married, and had 2 children. How we managed to do all that within 3 years, I'll never know. I feel like I blinked and now we have 2 kids. Funny how time works. I feel like the next several years will happen in a couple more blinks and before I know it, our kids will be in college and Alex and I will be staring at each other not knowing what to do with ourselves (but then we'll pop open some wine, pack our bags, and hop on the next plane to go explore the world).

But for now, we shall enjoy Boston. I'm well on my way to snapping a kajillion pictures so I'll share some of my favorite moments with you here. So stop back in to take a peek. ;)

I'll post up my moving sale special tomorrow morning so see you soon!


Dionne said...

It sounds like Boston is an awesome place - I have never been, but would love to some day. My cousin worked there for a year and loved it.

Wow, all that in three years! You've been busy, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope your move will be an easy one. I've only moved once in my life and it was so sad.
One day I would love to visit Boston.

Sigmosaics said...

You have certainly packed a lot into 3 years Ngan .. I had no idea you were moving! New baby, a toddler and now on the move .. busy times ahead. It's ok to be sad about leaving places .. at least you'll have many beautiful memories not to mention a heap of photographs!

I am moving in october too .. back to New Zealand .. I could do with some seriously good packing tips!

hugs, Kerrin xxx

mchen said...

Where are you moving TO?

Beantown is indeed lovely, and it sounds like you got as much out of it in three years as was humanly possible! Here's to the next place being as wonderful and inspiring a home as Boston has been.

(As an aside, this is my first time on your blog, and I LURVE IT! How'd I come come earlier???)

mchen said...

Ha ha, just tooled around and realized I HAVE been here before. A-duhhhh. Obviously not often enough ;) I'll fix dat.