Finding Extra (in the) Ordinary :: Blueberry Memories

Blueberries make me happy.  And it wasn't until adulthood that I discovered this, because it wasn't until adulthood that I had ever even tried this delicious little fruit.  About 5 years ago while my husband (then boyfriend) and I were spending the day on Long Beach Island (along the Jersey coastline) with some friends, we discovered some blueberry bushes lining the road leading up to the beach where we had parked.  I don't know who started picking them off the trees, but I decided to try some.  And OH my HEAVENS, they were so amazing!  Perfectly sweet and tart and fresh off the tree.  They were so tasty that I had one of those where-have-you-been-all-my-life moments, very much like how I felt when I met my husband (maybe I'll tell you that story some day).  Before we knew it, all four of us were on a blueberry picking mission, going from tree to tree and stuffing our cheeks like chipmunks.  Or maybe it was just me stuffing my face.  I guess I was trying to make up for all those blueberry-less years of my life.  Needless to say, we left with a big bushel of blueberries.  I don't know how much a bushel really is, but it seems like a fitting amount.  We were snacking on them the whole ride back to Philly.  So now, every time I have blueberries, I think of that incredible summer day at the beach, discovering something unexpected in something so simple.  Gotta love when that happens.  :)

Here's to you finding your "blueberries", whatever they may be.  ;)

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Catherine Ivins said...

wonderful story Ngan! I love bluuberries, too- I think alot of what we love to eat is tied into our food memories!