Finding Extra (in the) Ordinary :: Snow Topography

With all the "snowpocalypse" hoopla earlier this week, there's no avoiding some pictures of more snow. I actually thought the big blizzard was going to skip right over us because nothing was happening... but then there was the sudden onset. The wind was so intense and the snow was so powdery that it was snowing sideways!  The snow wasn't really settling in some parts, while in other parts, it was piled over a foot deep. That combination of wind and snow created some really beautiful effects around our house! So of course I'm wading up to my knees to try to capture these shots.

These are not black and white pictures, by the way. I only played with the levels in photoshop to really bring out the tiniest undulations in the shadows.

Now that I've taken my pictures, it's time to get the sled out and go zooming down the hill!  I hope you're all keeping warm, staying safe, and having fun in all the snow!

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Paco+Lupe said...

Very cool!

eNVe said...

thank you! :)

Angga said...

These pictures are really cool!!!! It look like sand!! reminds me of prince of persia lol