Finding Extra (in the) Ordinary :: Dragons and Igloos and Dresses, OH MY!

I've been having a lot of fun with my "Finding Extra (in the) Ordinary" project and have been snapping pictures left and right.  But finding the time to upload them and blog is another task in itself.  And that is why I am sitting here at 3 AM, reliving my college days of burning the midnight oil.  So I hope you will stick with me on this photo project, despite it not being the daily post that I had originally hoped for.   :)

Last weekend, we celebrated the Lunar New Year in my hometown.  One of our traditions is watching the dragon dance, which is one of my favorite highlights of the celebration.  I tried to get a good shot, but they moved so much and the lighting wasn't great so these were the best of the bunch.  Photography is so challenging!

It's considered good luck to feed the dragons "lucky money" so they were dancing through the audience and people were feeding them the lucky red envelopes.  We tried to get Jax and Kaili to feed the dragons...

...but they were terrified!  Just look at the grip Kaili has on daddy's arm.  I guess they do look a little menacing, with those crazy hypno-eyes.

Then my brother-in-law tried to offer the dragon his first born child, which I'm pretty sure is not considered good luck.  :)

We also got to spend some time during the weekend playing in the snow.  With all the crazy snow we've been getting, we had to put it to good use.  And by we, I mean my cousins and my husband.  And by good use, I mean they built an igloo.. or a "snow fortress" as my husband called it.

Almost big enough for the four of us!
And yes, I did mention dresses earlier.  (who needs segues anyway? not me.. not at 4:30 in the AM..holy cow, it's 4:30??)  I'm definitely cutting this post short.  I was going to tell you about an AH-MAZING giveaway I have lined up for you, but this is the short version.  Keep your eyes peeled for my next giveaway!  You won't want to miss it!  Hint: you could win a fabulous dress!

Until then.  Happy dreams!  I'm off to la la land.


Ashley said...

R is funny. That snow fort is cool! Oh, and I sat down for an hour to write and then scheduled those posts in advance. Only way I can get it done!

eNVe said...

Thanks, Ashley! and re the posts, the point is that you actually found time to write it in the first place! That kind of post would take me about a day to write.. not sure what my deal is.. I take way too long for stuff like that. I wish I could do that in an hour!