(2008 Boston Marathon)

As I type this, my husband Alex is already pounding some pavement in the 2009 Boston Marathon. I wish I could be there on the course to cheer him on in person, but it would be utter chaos trying to maneuver the crowds with an 18-month-old, all by my-(36-week-pregnant)-self. Been trying to get live video streaming of the marathon, but no luck. :( But according to my tracking notices, he's keeping an awesome pace and hopefully will finish under 4 hrs like he hoped!

Be back later with more updates!


Marbella Designs said...

how exciting, good luck to him!

Kendra Zvonik said...

Best of Luck to him in the race! That's incredible.
I didn't realize you were pregnant! Congratulations, Ngan! I can only imagine how challenging that would be to maneuver through the crowds right now, but I bet you are really wishing you could do it!

Thanks for your friendship :)

Cheryl said...

woo-hoo! go Alex!

eNVe said...

thank you all for your support! :D it means so much to Alex and I.

acryliddiamondring.com said...

congrats on the great run, My friend was also running in that marathon her husband did not make it by 3 min. she has no problem making it. Great fundraiser, thanks for all your hard work!