under the weather randomness...

I think that the flu shot I had gotten a few months ago gave me a permanent runny/stuffy nose that is especially annoying when I wake up and just as I'm going to bed. Aren't flu shots supposed to prevent you from feeling like a soggy pile of tissues? On top of that, I've been wondering if this cold that I've had for the past several weeks will ever go away. It's nothing severe, but a definite nuisance. Jax had gotten sick from being around other sick kids and of course, I now have it. Now we're both drippy and congested, and my husband Alex is trying not to contract whatever it is we have because he has to run in the Boston Marathon in 2 weeks. Needless to say, I am super behind on getting my new items into my etsy shop and onto my main website, but I'm progressing slowly.. one piece at a time.

: we're still trying to raise money for the American Liver Foundation (the charity that Alex is running the marathon for) and haven't quite hit the half-way mark. The economy's been tough on all of us and that has definitely affected fundraising efforts. My earrings for charity collection is still available so if you're in the market for some new earrings, why not benefit a great cause simultaneously! 100% of your purchase will be donated to Alex's fundraising effort. You can track his progress and also donate directly at www.run-alex-run.com. And thank you again to those who have already been so generous and helpful with the fundraiser. Your contributions are a tremendous help! (end sidenote)

It's crazy that I've somehow morphed into a morning person since Jax was born. Before him, I was a champ at staying up late and that was when I was most focused and did my best work. Now, I'm setting my alarm for 6 AM just so that I can squeeze in some time to work. Granted, the type of work has changed dramatically from finishing up my dissertation to making jewelry (I still don't think I could do academic work at 6 in the morning), but point is I'm up at 6 and it's not because I stayed up and hadn't slept until 6! That was virtually unheard of before this year! I think once the new baby arrives next month, I won't be sleeping at all.

Speaking of the new baby. Things fly by so fast that I just realized that I only have 5 more pregnant weeks to go! No wonder I feel like I've expanded exponentially. The only comfy things I can get into are my husband's pjs and his sweatshirts. But that means I have about 5 weeks to pull it together and get my jewelry sites updated! *yikes*

I better end it here and get crack-a-lackin! I'll be back this week with another sneak peek. There's also another fabulous artist feature lined up so come back soon! Hope everyone is well. :)


sweetnessjewelry said...

I hope you feel better Ngan! :)

Marbella Designs said...

So sorry, I hope you feel well soon. I have never gotten a flu shot, because with my luck I'll get a deadly flu with it.
Oh, and I received the earrings, they are so beautiful. Thanks again.

Winklepots said...

Sorry you're feeling icky. It's going around here too. We can be sniffle buddies. :oP

Feel better soon, Ngan!

eNVe said...

thank you for the well wishes! i'm still not better yet, but I can now breathe out of one nostril! that is progress. :)